Monstar Awards 2022: Asia Young Talent Awards


The 5th MonStar Awards Call for Entries will open in 1st August - 30th September.

This is the second step and the most important step: Your Application.

You are required to fill up 3 important steps which include:
(i) Basic information
(ii) Social information
(iii) Application details

The application can't be saved as draft.  The application must be completed in ONE-seating. Applicants must gather all their materials- profile photo, 500-words essay and IG reel ready at the point of submission.

Before you submit, applicant(s) is required to prepare
(i) less than 500-words essay
(ii) 60-90 sec reels (make sure your IG account is set to public) and share "Tell Us Your Transformation Story" answers

Your application will be reviewed and published as an article on our website (   Once your application is approved, you are confirmed to be in the selection for Top 100 Asia Young Talent. Click on Judging Criteria for more information.

Deadline before 30th September 2022, 11:59 pm (GMT+8)

Qualifying Criteria

1. 18 - 30 years old

2. Individuals who have a stories/ talents that is innovate, inspire, influence

3. Open For ALL Nationality (Asia region only)

4. Talents Is NOT a previous MonStar Awards Top 10 finalists

Judging Criteria

Top 100 selection based on
- 40% Views
- 60% Votes

Voting and the number of  views received is via GoMonsta blog article.
A link will be sent to successful applicants to share with their friends, family and community.

Top 10 Judging
- 40% Innovate: Showcase problem solving skills through creativity and critical thinking.
- 30% Inspire: Strong desire and actions taken to achieve their goal in life.
- 30% Influence: Ability to communicate effectively and create impactful content.

Most Inspiring Award
- Finale LIVE
- Poll Voting

The Most inspiring Award is selected through poll voting during the Finale Show on 26th November. All Top 100 finalists are in eligible for this award. More information on voting will be given through our Instagram.
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The Xperience Awards
- Top 3 Selection by Industry Partner(s)

Awards & Recognition

Type of Awards:

Top 10 Young Talent AwardsThe Most Inspiring AwardThe Xperience Award

Top 10 Young Talents
1. Certificate of endorsement from high profile juries
2. Awards Pledge Recognition
3. Digital Media Exposure
4. Exclusive Interview Session on Monsta Publication
5. Featured on Top 10 Talent Wall of Fame
6. Meet & Greet with Juries

Top 100 Young Talents
1. Certificate of Recognition
2. Digital Media Exposure Across Asia
3. Featured on Top 100 Talent Wall of Fame
4. Nomination opportunity for Most Inspiring Awards

Most Inspiring Award & Xperience Award
1. Awards Medal Recognition
2. Certificate of Recognition
3. Digital Media Exposure
4. Exclusive Interview Session
5. Industry Endorsement & Recommendation


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